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Trade with Hoo and win the incredible rewards from the prize pool!

The first-ever trading competition on Hoo will be launched on the 1st of March 2022, with the highest prize of 200,000 USDT to be won from our prize pool!

All the Hoo customers would be eligible to register for the upcoming trading competition. The competition will be held for ten days, from the 1st of March 2022 at 15:00 to the 11th of March 2022 at 14:59 (UTC+8).

There are two kinds of contests for customers to choose from during the trading competition, which are the group competition and the individual competition. Each customer could only choose one contest during the trading competition, and it could not be changed on any occasions afterward. The campaign trading pairs would be all the trading pairs in Hoo’s spot zone and innovation zone.

About the Rewards:

The reward of the trading campaign on Hoo adopts a tiered reward allowance format; the total amount of compensation depends on the number of users who participate in this contest; the more users register for this trading competition, the more reward would be allocated in the prize pool. The total amount of reward in the group competition takes up 80% of the prize pool, and the remaining 20% would be placed into the prize pool of individual competition.

The Tiered Reward Allowance Format:

Number of valid participants

Prize Pool Size ()













*The calculation on the number of valid participants in the event only includes the number of users who registered for the event and have traded above ₮100 equivalent cryptocurrencies after the campaign has started.


Our risk control system would detect the cheating users in the campaign, and the number of cheating users would be deducted from the total number of participants. For example, the batch swiping, Market maker account, and other behaviour to inflate prize pool would not be accepted.

The group competition guidelines:

Each individual registered as a part of the group would be allocated to the group competition section. And the ranking of each group during the competition would depend on the total volume of transactions. The amount of reward for each individual who participates in a group campaign would be based on their contribution rate of the entire team.

The distribution method for group competition would be conducted in the following format:

Team Ranking

Proportion of rewards


15% of team prize pool


12% of team prize pool


10% of team prize pool

8% of team prize pool


5% of team prize pool


Split 25% of team prize pool

Rest of the teams

Split 25% of team prize pool

For example, if the total number of valid participants during the Hoo trading competition is above 10,000, then the allowance of prize pool would be ₮50,000; thus, the TOP 1 team during the competition could earn ₮6,000 in total; if one of the team members takes up 50% of the contribution rate of the entire team, the exact reward this individual could get during the campaign is ₮3,000.

Key takeaways: 

  • The total reward of group competition is 80% from the entire prize pool.

  • The users could get a higher team ranking by inviting their friends to join their group to generate higher transaction volume.

  • Each individual could only join one team; once confirmed, there would be no exemption to switch afterward.

  • Only the teams that reach the transaction volume above ₮1,000 would be shown on the ranking lists and eligible for sharing the prize pool; those who do not qualify would not be showcased.

  • The amount of reward for each individual who participates in a group campaign would be based on their contribution rate of the entire team.

The individual competition guidelines:

Each individual who chooses to register under individual competition would be considered a ‘sole trader’ during the campaign. Also, the ranking of each user during the competition would depend on the total volume of transactions. The ‘sole traders’ are entitled to keep all the rewards depending on their ranking.

The distribution method for individual competition would be conducted in the following format:

Individual Ranking

Proportion of rewards


15% of individual prize pool


12% of individual prize pool


10% of individual prize pool

8% of individual prize pool


5% of individual prize pool


Split 25% of individual prize pool

The remaining valid participants

Split 25% of individual prize pool

For example, if the total number of valid participants during the Hoo trading competition is above 10,000, then the allowance of the prize pool would be ₮50,000; thus, the TOP 1 individual during the competition could earn ₮1,500 in total.

Key takeaways: 

  • The total reward of group competition is 20% from the entire prize pool.

  • Only the individual participants who trade more than ₮200 would be shown on the ranking lists and eligible for sharing the prize pool; those who do not qualify would not be showcased.

Important Notice:

  • The total transaction volume = buying transactions + selling transaction

  • If the trading amount is the same, the order of the block packaging time of the last trading would prevail (the display is sorted from top to bottom).

  • The reward generated from this campaign would be distributed within seven working days after the event closes.

  • Hoo has the right to cancel the qualifications and rewards from participants without prior notice if it detects cheating behaviours such as user brushing and batch registration of users from participants.

  • Hoo reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at our sole discretion. If the platform risk control system detects the use of tools for batch registration and batch transactions, Hoo will cancel their eligibility for attending this event, and those under severe circumstances will be banned.

  • Hoo reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

About the trading competition:

Hoo aims to launch this trading competition to enhance the liquidity further and endorse the customer engagement of our exchange. The prize pool is set to award all the customers who would actively join the campaigns of our exchange; thus, the set-up of the prize pool encourages each participant eligible for earning incentives and rewards from this trading competition. Moreover, please note that cryptocurrency is subject to high market risk due to the volatility of the crypto market. Hoo is dedicated to listing the high-quality and high-potential crypto assets for our users, but the investors should take their own responsibility for their investment decision.

Pin-Up casino официальный сайт онлайн казино Пин Ап

Pin-Up casino официальный сайт онлайн казино Пин Ап

Pin-Up Casino Официальный сайт в России


Есть программа лояльности, но она не очень, поинты реально набрать только за депозиты, а обмениваются они на копейки. Ну и от бонусов отказаться нельзя, что тоже не всегда круто. Хороших отзывово люди в принципе пишут мало, в основном негатив, но то что я читаю иногда заставляет шевелиться волосы на всем теле. Автоматы жрут, их подкручивают, чтобы у людей специально вытягивать деньги.

  • Клавиши удобно расположены для игры на смартфонах.
  • Хороших отзывово люди в принципе пишут мало, в основном негатив, но то что я читаю иногда заставляет шевелиться волосы на всем теле.
  • Создавать аккаунт в онлайн казино Пин Ап могут только клиенты старше 18 лет.
  • Их разрешается использовать в определенном списке автоматов казино.
  • Также мы часто проводим турниры и различные акции.
  • Главным преимуществом игры является то, что за одним столом может сидеть бесконечное количество игроков.

И возникает простой вопрос, а вы знаете как работает казино? С Pin Up у меня положительные отношения, хотя я здесь в небольшом минусе. Техподдержка вполне нормальная, отвечают быстро и по делу. Автоматы у них официальные, никакого пиратского софта нет.

Рабочее зеркало казино Pin Up

Судя по всему, казино ориентировано на Россию и страны СНГ, которые не входят в число запрещенных стран. Помимо русского языка на сайте есть также украинский, английский, немецкий и турецкий переводы.

  • Если исходить из того, как организован сайт казино и как работает служба поддержки, Pin-Up можно отнести к операторам невысокого уровня.
  • Основные разделы размещены в боковом выпадающем меню.
  • Заходит не всегда, но если случается, то приятно.
  • Обычно запускают по средам, так что среди недели праздник начинается.

То есть, вы сделали депозит и не обернули его несколько раз, то возможно снятие комиссии за вывод. Они считают все ваши ставки и все ваши депозиты. Дальней о некоторых моментах в пользовательском соглашении. В пункте 3 несколькими подпунктами расписано, что казино Pin-Up вправе вносить изменения в документ без предварительного оповещения игроков.

Вход в аккаунт на официальном сайте

Так, к примеру, плагины браузеров не всегда есть безопасными, а ТОР-браузер значительно снижает скорость интернет-соединения. А большинство надёжных и проверенных VPN есть платными. Безусловно, ведь в Pin-Up доступна адаптивная мобильная версия, а также предусмотрена возможность установки приложения на Android/IOS. Минимальная сумма вывода в Пин Ап казино – 300 рублей. (количество провайдеров в общей сложности 100+) pin-up официальный сайт.

  • В мультинациональном азартном заведении такая услуга предоставляется абсолютно без каких-либо ограничений.
  • Если сумма очков больше 9, то значение 10 отбрасывается.
  • Такие развлечения особенно популярны, если гемблер раньше играл в рулетку, покер и знает все правила таких игр.

В Pin Up зеркало огромный ассортимент азартных игр, соблазнительная бонусная система, удобный интерфейс, турниры. Благодаря этому Pin Up официальный сайт имеет множество непрерывных посетителей и соучастников.

Регистрация по номеру телефона

Но официальный сайт запускается не на компьютере, а на смартфоне. Игрок получает возможность поиграть в игры в любом месте, не привязываясь к домашней обстановке и компьютеру. Все элементы управления, разделы расположены на привычных местах, как и на официальном сайте. Pin Up casino предлагает достойный выбор развлечений бренда Playtech.

  • Вознаграждения начисляются за пополнения счета, на день рождение и за участие в турнирах.
  • Перед тем, как нажать «Зарегистрироваться», обязательно перепроверьте указанные данные.
  • Игроки могут использовать в Пинап казино только личные банковские карты, электронные кошельки.
  • Сотрудники саппорта консультируют 24/74 и помогают решить все проблемы, связанные с работой клуба.

Больше всего пришлись по душе полученные выигрыши. Не могу с уверенностью утверждать, что все слоты платят хорошо.

Игровые автоматы Pin-up casino

Выдаются они сразу после того, как выполнен в Пин Ап казино вход после регистрации. Причем игрок самостоятельно может выбрать, что ему предпочесть. Все слоты на сайте доступны в демо-режиме, благодаря которому можно играть бесплатно и без регистрации. При входе на сайт казино Пин Ап мы видим отлично проработанный дизайн и удобный интерфейс. Оформление сайта выполнено в американском стиле пин-ап образца 50-х годов, и смотрится это весьма солидно.

  • Есть много возможностей отдохнуть В приоритете — игра в карты.
  • Pin Up casino предлагает достойный выбор развлечений бренда Playtech.
  • Многие клиенты (специально отзывы читал) поддерживают мнение об отсутствии задержек с переводами выигрышей.
  • Зарегистрироваться на официальном сайте можно с помощью электронной почты или номера телефона.
  • В онлайн казино Pin-up принимаются ставки трех видов (ординар, экспресс и система).

Языковая панель доступна на более чем 10 языках, а при регистрации на выбор доступно множество валют. Прикольно стилизованное казино, давно таких не видел, даже у операторов подержки соотвествующие аватарки. Нравится большое количество провайдеров выбирай не хочу.

Дата начала работы онлайн казино Пин Ап

Работа Пин Ап казино в России законна и легальна, ведь компания получила официальную лицензию на проведение азартной деятельности. Посещать азартную площадку могут все совершеннолетние жители России, Казахстана, Турции, Азербайджана. Но легальное российское онлайн казино Пин-Ап недоступно в некоторых странах, что должны учитывать игроки. Перед тем, как создать аккаунт и пополнить счет, гемблер должен убедиться, что страна, в которой он проживает, поддерживается. Для этого нужно зайти на сайт казино и найти список доступных стран. Есть большое количество игровых автоматов от десятков разработчиков.

  • Дополнительно получить валюту можно за прохождение регистрации и верификации, подтверждения e-mail, номера телефона.
  • Получая Пинкоины, игрок может запускать игровые автоматы совершенно бесплатно и рассчитывать на получение выигрыша.
  • По мере того, как солнце садится за горизонт, фараоны Древнего Египта оживают, и ваша задача – как можно быстрее добраться до их сокровищ.
  • В пункте 3 несколькими подпунктами расписано, что казино Pin-Up вправе вносить изменения в документ без предварительного оповещения игроков.

Получая Пинкоины, игрок может запускать игровые автоматы совершенно бесплатно и рассчитывать на получение выигрыша. Чем выше уровень клиента, тем больше привилегий он получает.

Pinup казино – приветственный бонус, кэшбэк и продуманная система лояльности

Наличие таких имен в списке поставщиков ПО говорит о высоком качестве услуг, которые ПинАп предоставляет cвоим посетителям. Разработчики вроде NetEnt сотрудничают только с надежными и проверенными игровыми порталами, в число которых входит Пин Ап. Приветствую, что оператор стремится создать комфорт для тех, кто играет со смартфона.

  • Чтобы исключить такое развитие событий, достаточно лишь в Пинап казино официальное играть, когда слишком надоела рутина и хочется новых ярких впечатлений.
  • Ассортимент игр и количество провайдеров постоянно увеличивается.
  • Ежегодно компания развивается, использует новые технологии и системы безопасности, чтобы защитить клиентов от мошенников и гарантировать быстрые выплаты.
  • Софта разного много крути не хочу, после реги сразу закинул документы на верификацию подтвердили через 3 часа.

Пинап казино — платформа, где представлены лучшие на сегодняшний день игровые автоматы. Быстрый вывод средств редкость для нынешних казино. Тут же всем доволен и вывод быстрым и депозит можно сделать любым способом. Ну и отмечу мобильное приложение – очень удобно. Также, можно ознакомиться с разделами ТОП игр недели, ТОП игр месяца, и среди их выбрать подходящий игровой аппарат. Если после регистрации не пришло письмо с подтверждением, стоит проверить папку со спамом.

евро за первый бонус и другие подарки

Вобщем, решил исследовать мир гемблинга на этом сайте. Полное или частичное копирование материалов возможно только с письменного разрешения редакции.

  • Они размещаются на страницах официального сайта или партнёрских веб-порталах.
  • Единственное, что оставило легкий осадок — долгая верификация.
  • Все зависит от того, какие цели поставлены у игрока.
  • Он запускается без регистрации и без обязательного внесения денег на баланс.

Также мы часто проводим турниры и различные акции. Процент отдачи (RTP) у нас один из самых конкурентных на рынке. Иногда нужно использовать VPN для того чтобы посетить сайт, потому что все чаще РКН блокируют новые зеркала официального сайта.

Бонусы казино Pin-Up

Нет, казино пополняет и выводит деньги без дополнительных сборов. Если пришло меньше средств, чем вы рассчитывали, проверьте валюту баланса и платежной системы. Если она отличается, производится двойная конвертация, которая может быть не всегда выгодной. Также некоторые системы удерживают комиссию за перевод средств. Бонус казино приходит в течение недели после отправки документа службе поддержки. Игроку нужно самостоятельно связаться по поводу его получения в течение 7 дней после дня рождения.

Благодаря оптимизированному интерфейсу управлять с сенсорного экрана удобно. Для поиска автомата работают фильтры по каталогу.

Способы обхода блокировки РКН и вход на сайт ПинАп

С выплатами тоже проблем не было ни разу, хотя выводил не то чтобы много. С бонусами тоже не обижают и дают отыграться, а не просто тянут деньги. Впервые увидел сайт с игровым онлайн-казино, где в нём можно играть во что угодно. Просто у меня сейчас не то, что нет на них времени, даже тех нет специальных средств, чтобы постараться выиграть в автоматах. Выбирая казино обязательно ищу данные о владельцах.

  • Также здесь можно увидеть вкладки азартных играми.
  • Она выпустила игровые автоматы, в которых разыгрывался прогрессивный джекпот.
  • Личные данные не попадают в руки посторонним лицам.
  • В сравнении с их началом, ситуация вроде бы изменилась.

С выводом не было ни разу задержек и каких-либо сложностей. Минимальный порог снятия небольшой – всего 300 рублей, а пополнять вообще можно от 50. Моя оценка — казино примерно среднего уровня, но условия на самом деле хорошие.

Отыгрывание бонусов

Любые бонусы и подарки начисляются с вейджером, поэтому их придется отыгрывать. Пин-Ап казино официальный сайт доступен не только на ноутбуке, компьютере, но и на телефоне. Это обеспечено наличием мобильной версии и специального скачиваемого приложения. Если при регистрации, выводе денег или отыгрыше бонусов появились вопросы, рекомендуется обратиться к сотрудникам службы поддержки. Сотрудники саппорта консультируют 24/74 и помогают решить все проблемы, связанные с работой клуба.

Но наряду с этим можно найти сообщения о том, что игрокам Pin-Up выводят деньги и все нормально. Это 250 фриспинов плюс 100% к депозиту до 25,000 рублей. Для того, чтобы получить бесплатные вращения, нужно пополнить счет минимум на 2,000 рублей.

Почему Pin Up так популярен в России?

Игрокам доступна удобная веб-площадка с возможностью делать ставки круглосуточно. Разработчики решили, что в дополнительном способе доступа просто нет необходимости. Игроки могут заходить в казино при помощи прямой ссылки на главную страницу или воспользоваться альтернативным адресом. Для использования программы пользователю нужно обязательно авторизоваться в аккаунте или создать новый. Приложение Pin Up оснащается простым и удобным меню, поддержкой всего софта с официального сайта. Игроку после запуска откроется главная страница казино с возможностью перехода к нужной категории или запуска кабинета.

Все они доступны пользователям для игровых действий на деньги и бесплатно. Среди основных категорий стоит выделить слоты, карточные игры, рулетку, КЕНО, а также различные лотереи. Игровые аппараты на проекте отличаются высокой отдачей призовых денег, простыми правилами и многочисленными бонусными опциями. Плюс ко всему у автоматов присутствует максимальная защита от взломов и других махинаций. Как итог, зеркалам проекта Pinup можно и стоит доверять.

Pin-Up Casino: общая информация про онлайн-казино

Аккаунт можно открывать в российских рублях, украинских гривнах, долларах, евро и некоторых других валютах. Но на самом деле Pin-up это нечто большее, чем просто качественный сервис и широкий выбор развлечений.

Оставьте отзыв о работе сайта или предложение об его улучшении. Укажите контактный номер телефона и имя, и наши консультанты свяжутся с Вами. Из этого следует, что самым простым и надёжным способом есть актуальное зеркало Пинап казино.

Есть ли комиссия за финансовые транзакции в Pin Up casino?

За активные действия на сайте вам начисляются монеты, которые можно обменивать на бонусы. Создавать аккаунт в онлайн казино Пин Ап могут только клиенты старше 18 лет. С одного IP-адреса можно создавать только один профиль, что объясняется борьбой клуба с с бонус-хантерами. Сейчас реклама Pin Up идет буквально со всех дыр, решил чекнуть что за казино.

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Пинап казино: регистрация на сайте

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What is Meta Resident?

Meta Resident is a DAO protocol based on Binance Smart Chain, a new organizational form of operating system. The contract is open sourced on GitHub and audited by CertiK.

“Meta” Resident Dao aims to rebuild community trust and security. Based on the strong consensus of 10,000 times gene, it spontaneously generates a collaborative organization of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing. It focuses on the cause of the Metaverse, and allows some of the first to enter the future to become Meta Resident.

Meta Resident has the most complete DeFi 2.0 functions and economic model on the current DAO circuit:

5 major functions of Meta Resident DAO protocol: 1. LP pool activates members 2, LP ranking system 3, member voting 4, ecological casting 5, dividend/airdrop pool;

Meta Resident governance coin MR issued a total of 10,000 pieces, of which 2,000 whitelisted IDOs were scattered, and the remaining 8,000 pieces were all entered into the PancakeSwap – MR/BNB trading pool and publicly locked, with zero reservation!

The slippage of the whole network transaction is 5%, 2% is DAO dividend, 1% is operating treasury, and 2% is deflationary destruction;

At the same time, Meta Resident DAO is based on the powerful blockchain protocol function to realize the future expansion of ecological applications such as DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Metaverse. To become the world’s largest Metaverse DAO organization, Meta Resident must establish a tight community composed of DAO contributors. Collaborate and build together, and reward members with huge profits with two 100-fold increases. Meta Resident calls this plan: the 10,000 times plan.

The first 100 times: Users only need to buy MR tokens and inject liquidity into the trading pool to obtain LP certificates, and then pledge LPs into the protocol to become Meta Resident DAO members.

Become a member of the Meta Resident DAO, everyone has contributed to the DAO and gained substantial benefits: PancakeSwap’s AMM market-making revenue, 2% of the network-wide transaction slippage, and 1% of the DAO treasury for the ecological development of Meta Resident Escort, 2% deflation destruction.

Meta Resident DAO will grow rapidly because of this, and MR with a market value of 200,000 will quickly increase from the initial price of 20U to more than 2000U, achieving the first 100 times.

In the future, the Meta Resident ecosystem will focus on the implementation of Metaverse applications. Every Metaverse project that has landed can mint application coins. When the number of coins reached 21 million, MR minting will be started and minted at a ratio of 1:10,000. And the price is split. Take MR rising to 2000U as an example, you can use 2 MRs to mint 20,000 application coins MR01, and the price is split into 0.2U per piece.

The token price of 0.2U will soon start to rise all the way due to the circulation and the large-scale entry of the Metaverse into the lives of ordinary people. It will rise to 20U, which is a ten thousand times plan, but 20U will definitely not be the end of the Yuan residents.

Meta Resident DAO always believes that the future has come, and all DAO members who have contributed to the Meta Resident ecosystem will become the future Metaverse “Meta” Resident!

The unique SLG chain tour of the top BSC chain – Super War Pet


GameFi can be understood as Game+DeFi. The core value lies in integrating the financial element (Finance) into the game, improving the game economy through financial attributes, and at the same time promoting the financial attributes of the game through the game economy, supporting and relying on each other, forming a dynamic balance and healthy development. Allowing players to earn money during the game is the most attractive part of GameFi, that is, the play to earn part of GameFi. Not only that, but GameFi also contains a wealth of Defi gameplay, such as game prop assets NFT, game economy combined with liquidity mining, etc. Of course, in addition to play to earn, GameFi’s more long-term significance is that it provides a window for users in the real world to spy on the appearance of the metaverse. Therefore, GameFi is regarded as the next outlet of the blockchain with huge economic value and investment value.

The global GameFi market is even more mixed, good and bad. What’s more, a game name and a few game pictures will be listed and released. The economic model design directly points to DeFi, and there is a lack of in-depth thinking and cultivation in the direction of Game. But there are also many emerging projects around the world that deserve attention. Super War Pet is a very promising GameFi game.

The reason why GameFi is valuable is that the IP attribute of the game itself is extremely important. Just like land and flowers, Finance is the land, watering and nourishing is the flower of the game. In terms of game content and IP creation, many projects have begun to stand out and take the lead.

Super War Pet is a classic and unique SLG chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which integrates “elimination, competition, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DEFI, NFT, DAO”, in which you will lead Your pet team takes risks and achieves each other.

Game Introduction

It’s a metaverse full of adventure and war. You can use NFT pets for adventure and war, discovering incredible new worlds and life forms with some mysterious power. You can use the token draw box to get NFT pets, or you can use the summoning and breeding skills to make your pet lineup strong enough, which will bring you more resources and rewards.

Super War Pet has a complete economic system, from NFT exchange to pet summoning, synthesis, duplication, exchange, to land auction and store rental, you can fully enjoy the Play-to-Earn experience.

Super War Pet also has a complete social system. From the moment you join the game, you are a member of the Super War Pet DAO, which means that you can share the dividends of ecological development by participating in the ecological governance of Super War Pet Metaverse.

You will lead your pet through each level to find more powers and resources to become the best Super War Pet fighter. You will join an epic war for supremacy of the pet camp in the elven castle.

The original intention of Super War Pet is to bring the game back to the essence of fun.

Super War Pet is a top GameFi production from game graphics to war scenes, as well as combat missions and level design. Coupled with rich and interesting gameplay, players can get a fully immersive gaming experience in Super War Pet.

Introduction to Play-to-Earn

Play-to-Earn economic benefits The core of the GameFi field is an economic model like Play-to-Earn, which we call earning while playing. It is different from the Free-to-Play model in the traditional game industry. Chain game players can earn real money through encrypted assets. Players who participate in virtual economy construction and games can earn rewards through their own participation behaviors. In the market Sell and get a profit.

In this case, the development team of Chain Games has changed from the service role of the traditional game development team to a company-like architect, and the player has changed from the player who pays to play the game to a person who contributes to the development and expansion of the company. The transformation of the identities of both parties has transformed the original player’s behavior of spending money to play games into a behavior similar to work and making money. They can claim rewards from the market through games, which is the most meaningful point for current blockchain players. .

Super War Pet NFT is also known as SW-NFT. Each SW-NFT represents a pet, and obtaining SW-NFT is the first step to join the super pet game. Only after obtaining SW-NFT can you be eligible to summon a pet, and then you can participate in the incubation, upgrade, and exchange of SW-NFT.

Different from the centralized mode of traditional games, Super War Pet gives players enough game rights. All SW-NFTs purchased and incubated by players belong to the players themselves, and players have the right to freely exchange their own SW-NFTs.


The rapid development of related industries caused by the global epidemic has led to great changes in people’s production and life in the past two years, including the way of entertainment. When we work, meet, shop or play in a non-contact virtual environment, we find that this is actually more A convenient and efficient way. Under the epidemic, some resource-exporting countries in Southeast Asia have encountered an economic crisis. To solve the economic crisis, it is necessary to seek new economic growth points in addition to resource exports. The economic system mapped by GameFi just provides such a possibility, so that ordinary people can In the reality of high consumption and low income, certain benefits are earned through the virtual world.

In the chain game of Super War Pet, you can lead your pets to adventure together and achieve each other in the process of Play-to-Earn. With the game Super War Pet, you can have your own world on the blockchain. Each player can summon, collect, duplicate, exchange pets, and use their pets in the exciting game environment to get game rewards.

Meta Resident is about to launch IDO!

Description of Meta Resident

Meta Resident (MR) is a BSC-based DAO protocol. It is the world’s first Defi 2.0 application DAO protocol based on the great autonomous community. In the future, it can expand and link the entire ecology of the Defi layer 2 financial protocol. Official website:

IMAGE 2022-02-10 22:14:25

Meta Resident Economic Model

The total amount of MR is 10,000, 2,000 are whitelisted IDOs, and the remaining 8,000 tokens will be directly put into the PancakeSwap trading pool MR/BNB, then the contract ownership will be discarded, and the liquidity pool will be locked. Users need to buy MR and then inject liquidity into the liquidity pool. , after obtaining the LP certificate, you can become an official DAO member by staking it.

At present, the transaction tax point set by the MR ecosystem is 5%, which will be deducted for each transaction in the liquidity pool. The DAO dividend pool can also regularly issue airdrop tokens for cooperative projects. The specific uses can be divided into the following:

1.DAO dividend pool 2%

The DAO dividend pool distributes dividends to all DAO full members according to the LP pledge weight ratio;

2. DAO Marketing Vault 1%

DAO treasury is used for MR growth period development expenditure to ensure the healthy growth of the overall ecology;

3. Deflation destroys 2%

Deflation burning by 2% can make the entire MR ecosystem continue to deflate until 2,100 tokens remain.

IMAGE 2022-02-10 22:33:04

Meta Resident Meta Resident IDO Details

Meta Resident Meta Resident IDO Details Whitelist Rules:

Two Meta Resident NFTs:

MR Treasures (MRT) and MR Characters (MRC)

NFT can be transferred and sold in the NFT market by itself, and it has a certain transaction value and appreciation space in the trading market.

10 MRTs represent assets, and represent 10 resource wealth in Yuanzhumin’s world with the image of bank cards:

1 War resources; 2 Natural resources; 3 Real estate resources; 4 Traffic resources; 5 Emotion resources; 6 Street resources; 7 Technology resources; 8 Energy resources; 9 Life resources; 10 Art resources

MRT is sold in limited quantities, with 120 pieces per model in the early stage (before IDO) and 60 pieces per model in the later stage (ecological outbreak period).

12 MRCs represent identity, unlimited output, every contributor can get it

The 12 MRCs represent the founders in the 12-bit resident world, and these NFTs commemorate their contributions

These 12 NFTs are named after 12 constellations, which also represent the beliefs of all Yuan residents in the Metaverse

Meta Resident NFT has three values in the ecology:

1.Early participation in IDO subscription

MR is very scarce, only 10,000 pieces, 2,000 pieces are the creation benefits of early participants, and only NFT holders can get the IDO whitelist.

When IDO is gaining momentum

Every resident can buy MRT in the NFT market, a total of 1200, each 0.04BNB (about 18U), holding 1 MRT NFT after purchase means that you will get 1 MR token, which also means that you do not need Do tasks or participate in events, compete for the whitelist, and you can get Genesis MR at a lower price.

Holders of MRC NFTs mean that they have an IDO whitelist, share 800 MR token quotas, a single address limit of 200U equivalent BNB, each MRC NFT represents a 15U equivalent BNB quota (1 MR), first come, first served.

Every resident can participate in Twitter activities to get MRC NFT, and 50 of them have the opportunity to get the IDO whitelist;

In addition, those who participate in the whitelist activities at the IDO partners of MR can also obtain MRC NFTs corresponding to the amount of participating IDOs.

*IDO’s MR token distribution is based on holding NFT as proof

*How to obtain the whitelist: A participates in Twitter activities and has the opportunity to obtain it; B participates in activities on the partner platform

*IDO token distribution process:

MRT line” 1 to buy NFT, 2 to receive coins at the time of distribution;

MRC Route”A 1. Enter the whitelist on the IDO platform, and transfer the right to confirm the right. 2. Obtain NFT. 3.

B 1 Participate in the Twitter task, get NFT, 2 have the opportunity to enter the whitelist, 3 receive coins after the distribution time

2.As a core member status symbol of MR DAO

3.Welfare and application in the subsequent ecology

Mainly pay attention to community accounts, enter the official telegram group tweet, like and follow. after finishing

Send it to the telegram administrator for review and approval, and then provide the address, the administrator will issue NFT, and there will be participants

Eligibility with IDO.

Please pay attention to the official news, official website:

Who is the real DAO in the future metaverse? Meta Resident is ready to do IDO!

For now, the DAO is another important feature of the metaverse that differentiates it from the current internet and virtual worlds. A DAO is an ideal structure because it leverages blockchain and smart contract technology to enable people around the world to interact freely based on a consistent structure of interests, incentives, and payments.

And now, a new paradigm DAO protocol based on BSC has come out, it is Meta Resident, which is an operating system with a new organizational form. MR is a DAO organization that aims to allow some people to enter the future first and become residents of the metaverse “meta”.

Description of Meta Resident

protocol. It is the world’s first Defi 2.0 application DAO protocol based on the great autonomous community. In the future, it can expand and link the entire ecology of the Defi layer 2 financial protocol. The goal of the birth of MR is to rebuild the security and trust of the community, gather the strength of each member to accomplish a goal together, integrate the imagination of talents in the blockchain field, and bring considerable benefits to each DAO member to maximize Social value.

On the basis of ensuring the fairness and legitimacy of asset issuance, and on the premise that the ownership of users’ pledged assets is sacred and inviolable, users contribute the liquidity of assets to obtain corresponding ecological rights, which is the core governance model that constitutes the MR ecosystem.


After the issuance of MR tokens, there are 2,000 whitelisted IDOs, and the remaining 8,000 tokens will be directly put into the PancakeSwap trading pool MR/BNB, and then the contract ownership will be discarded and the liquidity pool will be locked. Users need to purchase MR and then inject liquidity into the liquidity pool. After obtaining the LP certificate, you can become a formal DAO member by staking it.

At present, the slippage set by the MR ecology is 5%, and each transaction in the liquidity pool will be deducted. The DAO dividend pool can also regularly issue airdrop tokens for cooperative projects. The specific uses can be divided into the following:

1. DAO dividend pool 2%

The DAO dividend pool distributes dividends to all DAO full members according to the LP pledge weight ratio;

2. DAO treasury 1%

DAO treasury is used for MR growth period development expenditure to ensure the healthy growth of the overall ecology;

3. Deflation destroys 2%

Deflation burning by 2% can make the entire MR ecosystem continue to deflate until 2,100 tokens remain.

Meta Resident IDO

The MR ecology adopts a new internal economic incentive model, that is, the 10,000-fold plan. For details, you can follow the official MR information. It opens the door to an unprecedented organizational growth model. The specific IDO details of MR are as follows:

Token Name: MR

Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain

IDO platform:

Number of IDOs: 2000 (total amount of tokens 10000)

Limited subscription:

Whitelist rules:

1. Official Twitter @ and like and retweet the event tweet with the hashtag #MR #IDO;

2. Join the Telegram community:

3. Registration whitelist (Google form):


2022 is the first year of DAO, which is already a market consensus. Therefore, the core of our vision is to become a DAO of the latest paradigm, and to help DAO members enter the metaverse era, practice the Wanxian plan, and achieve financial freedom.

The reason why the blockchain industry is great is that it can always find a way for human beings to change. As the industrial age moves towards the information age, people need a new property rights system inherent in the era. As many people know, everyone seems to have seen that an important turning point in human civilization is coming.

The metaverse game Super War Pet released the global beta version

Humans have been exploring and exploring the universe for a long time. In astronomy and geography, from the “geocentric theory” to the “heliocentric theory” to the Big Bang, human beings continue to expand the boundaries of cognition, trying to understand the origin and destination of the universe.

Vincent Mossko wrote in The Cult of Digitization, “As Newton described the universe as a gigantic clock, subject to a series of interlocking machine parts, the universe today is increasingly viewed It is a giant computer.


On the contrary, the metaverse is a virtual space created by computer and network technology, imagined as a kind of “universe” in which time and space are close to infinite.

The former is close to the computerization of the universe, while the latter is the cosmization of computers. It does not answer astronomical questions, but faces human beings and the virtual world they create.

The birth of [Super War Pet] is the milestone of the metaverse approaching you and me.

[Super War Pet] is a pet chain game developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that integrates “elimination, combat, cultivation, mining, staking, trading, DEFI, NFT, DAO”. Here you can lead your pets, adventure together, and achieve each other in the process of playing and earning.

Nowadays, humans use games as one of the best entrances to the metaverse.

When consciousness travels through time and space, to the parallel metaverse of Super War Pet

It’s full of adventure and battle


Break through the shackles of reality and virtuality

Start the pet adventure journey, upgrade, hatch and breed new pets, and have unique cute pets.

where you can fight with NFT pets,

Lead your pet to break through the levels to find more power and resources,

Be the best Super war pet fighter.

You will join an epic battle,

Discover exciting new worlds and life forms with some mysterious power.


Super War Pet is a commercial breakthrough of blockchain technology in the game field.

By creating more economic opportunities for users,

Build a successful commercial closed-loop system,

From the NFT competition to the summoning, synthesis, breeding and trading of pets,

Then go to land auctions, shop leases,

You can completely in Play-to-Earn mode,

Panning for gold.

Super War Pet has a robust economic model

In order to ensure the stability of the game token system and the healthy development of the game ecology;

Accelerate the connection between the real world and the metaverse through GameFi,

Super War Pet will build a brand new game ecosystem integrating blockchain technology,

Completely subvert and change the current traditional game cognition;

Adopt NFT standard more suitable for game interaction,

Super War Pet will continue to develop rich gameplay such as financial systems, new scenarios, land systems, mining and farming, etc.

It will be a metaverse full of creativity and freedom.

We are using the metaverse,

The Metaverse is also “using” us,

Where there is information dissemination, there is information interaction.

When a new concept or technology emerges,

will always lead to the fantasy of changing the world,

When the metaverse platform expands the super pet connection to every corner of the world,

where various voices can communicate with each other,

All participants have the opportunity to benefit from this beautiful new virtual world.

The infinite possibilities contained in [Super War Pet] will be officially staged from this moment.

To this end, we can collectively look forward to a more immersive virtual game space.

The first time we met, the metaverse game [Super War Pet] opened the global internal test,

We want to bring millions of internet users to the blockchain with Super War Pet,

Experience the GameFi revolution together,

Now, let’s get started.


ICPort, making concerted efforts with start-ups to construct Dfinity Ecosystem

Dfinity has a few competitive advantages compared to the rest of public chains: lower developing and operating cost, Reverse Gas Model, unlimited expansion capability, similarity to Web 2.0 functions and service models etc. The market consensus is that Dfinity has great potentials to become the “Internet Computer”.

ICPort is a one-stop-shop Acceleration Platform, supporting Dfinity start-ups to grow and scale faster, and providing investors easy access to early stage Dfinity projects .

Since April 2021, ICPort has provided supports to various start-ups on Dfinity (e.g. Dex, Web3.0, and NFT project, etc). We not only provide funding, but also a comprehensive package of other resources (e.g. marketing, operations, etc) to start-ups.

Projects in our portfolio:


The first decentralized mailbox on Dfinity, which provides users 100% data ownership.


Dmail team comment:“We believe Dfinity will become the leading blockchain in the future and attract thousands more users. Only Dfinity’s network can support a killer app like Dmail. Both Dfinity and Dmail will play a critical role in building Web3.0.”

2.IC Naming

IC Naming is a decentralized domain name server on Dfinity, which features the basic functions of Domain Name Server via a decentralized method, also an on-chain server corresponding to IP address and wallet address on Dfinity.


ICNaming CEO Tyler: “ICPort has a very strong tech team and provided hands-on guidance in our product development.”


Internet Computer Event System provides storage and analysis service for canister’s event logs on Dfinity


ICES team comment:“With the help of ICPort, we have greatly accelerated our development of Simple Integration and Permanent Data Storage functions, which in turn, helps us to gain momentum on product promotion. ”


DEX platform that combines features of AMM and Order Book.


OrderSwap CEO Witter:“ICPort has funded our seed round and also connected us to the reputable VCs and service providers in the crypto space, which is what we needed most when our project was at an early stage.”


A pool of exciting Dfinity Projects.



Cross-chain launchpad and investment distribution platform.


ICPad CEO Danny: “We see huge potential in Dfinity due to its features such as low developing and operating cost, Reverse Gas Model, unlimited expansion capability, similarity to Web 2.0 functions and service models etc.”


Social app on Dfinity.



DeFi protocol for cross-chain assets.


ICPort has also introduced a few innovative features to facilitate our incubation process — we have developed the Standardized Project Assessment Tool, based on our years of experience in crypto space as well as help from our advisor from PwC, who has a proven tracker in the due diligence market.

ICPort has been also actively communicating with Dfinity foundation and reputable investment institutions to bring more resources to the Dfinity community.

For project teams, we are excited to learn about your project, and would like to meet to discuss what support you are looking for, and how we can provide value to your business.

This is a transcript of the Twitter Space AMA that took place on 16/Feb/2022 with Cole and Denton.

Twitter Space AMA Questionnaire Giveaway

There will be a small give away for our AMA audience and readers of this article, all you have to do is to answer a quick questionnaire with link provided below.

Submit this AMA Questionnaire for a chance to win 40 Hoo tokens. 10 lucky winners will be chosen at random after the submission deadline on 25/2/2022 midnight (UTC +8).

Submissions need to get at least 7 out of 9correct answers in order to be considered. Lucky winners will be announced on Twitter and contacted by our team to redeem their prize by 2/3/2022.

Link to do the questionnaire

Link to the AMA Recording if you want to listen to it again


Denton : Hello Cole, could you introduce yourself to us, tell us a little bit about your background.

Cole : Hello, everyone, I am Cole form HSC. Good evening! Thank you very much for coming to this AMA , I am very excited! I have been in this industry for several years, and I believe deeply that Blockchain technology is born for revolution and creation.

That is the road HSC intend to realise.

Denton : It’s really great to have you with us Cole, can you tell us a little more about HSC, what is the vision behind it?

Cole : As you all know, Hoo Smart Chain is EVM side chain with two key principles: “open and friendly”.

HSC is also committed to broadening the blockchain world, and realise a complete ecological system. We want to give developers a low barrier to entry to blockchain development and the freedom to build decentralized applications, such as DeFi protocols , game-fi and social-fi. We want HSC to enhance our lives.

At HSC we constantly striving for breakthroughs, and believe that innovation is a positive sum game. We can all win and go further together.

Denton : I really agree that crypto has the potential to enrich our lives, by connecting people together in a way that has not been seen before. Recently I can see that HSC’s official website has redesigned, and given a very nice face lift. What is the motivation behind this ?

Cole : Maybe motivation is not quite accurate way of phrasing this.

HSC is constantly to innovate and achieve new breakthroughs; the revision to website is to show that HSC has new development direction and goal.

I am pleased to announce here that in 2022, HSC will take the direction of a visual blockchain. We will work to make crypto more accessible, and combine the values and application of web 3.0 into HSC.

In the future, every HSC wallet address will be an aggregator of value for the user.

Denton : Oh wow , I cannot wait to hear more about the plans for this year. To start off, are there any important plans or milestones for HSC this year?

Cole : Yes, I think lots of people will be confused about the visual blockchain.

We are still planning a lot of things this year, I hope those I can unveil them as they come along this year. And yes they will become our milestones if we can achieve them.

The first of the milestones is that the visual chain will be the first to come out. Meanwhile HSC will open registration for planets on the visual chain.

Yes that’s right, Planets ! I want to say something more about it. I have never mentioned anything about planets before. In new direction HSC will take, every address will be a planet.

You will be the owner or mayor for it. You can even do your urban planning and transportation system for it.

HSC gives value to the planet or address through your own operation and management. In comparison to SAND or Decentraland, which gives value to the price of the NFT. We will give value back to the users.

So everybody stay tuned! We invite everyone to HSC and manage your planet!

Denton : I just want to know when I can manage my planet, but we’ll come back to that later. What do you think will be the future development trend of DeFi in 2022?

Cole : 2021 was a breakthrough year for Defi. NFTs, GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse, all have broken into the mainstream markets. It has brought extraordinary influence into not only the on-chain crypto world, but also off-chain in traditional markets.

Now if you were to look at development of DeFi in 2022, I think there are two notable aspects : One is security, this is an on-going and long term problem for DeFi, how do you balance the three aspects of the Blockchain Trilemma — Decentralisation, Scalability and Security ? With so many hacks that happening recently, Bitmart, KuCoin. Users need to feel safe about using DeFi and I think we are not there yet. We will do lots of things to improve this.

Denton : I totally agree with the security issue, I would not put my life savings in Defi at the moment. There so many hacks or scams.

Cole : Yes totally, everybody has experienced some hack or scam before, you don’t have the complete DeFi experience without them ! Even Musk wouldn’t put their life savings in DeFI.

The second aspect which I think is quite interesting, is the transition from DeFi to what I call De-Life, or Decentralised Life.

Whether it is finance, gaming, social media or art, they are all part of our lives. I believe the application of blockchain will make all these aspects more and more decentralised.

For example, the NFT craze has taken the art world by storm, and is leading the march onto decentralized art world. Needless to say finance is very much a part of our lives, and defi is leading the way!

Denton : Yes…maybe it is time to go BANKLESS (shoutout to our amazing friends at Bankless) Decentralisation is really going to make our lives better. That would be amazing.

Cole : Yes, and there could be so much more to decentralisation that we haven’t seen yet. For example DAOs is leading the way to decentralise the way we work, and the way we live.

For example decentralized education, decentralized book service, etc. We’ve all studied from when we are a child to become an adult and go to college (maybe). Education Study should be rewarded at every stage, not just an issue a certificate by a centralised college. You should be rewarded for your efforts and ability throughout your education. And others can even verify it like consensus!

I really look forward to seeing how all these will develop in the 2022 and the coming years. To decentralise our lives.

Denton : Wow the concept of De-Life is really interesting. I totally agree that decentralising will give benefit our lives great. Like bitcoin and Ethereum, their value partly comes from their degree of decentralision. This is very cutting edge developments! On to another cutting edge concept… HSC put forward the concept of a “visual blockchain”. To my knowledge, unique to the industry, could you give us some examples of this ?

Cole : I think all of our friends will be curious about this visualisation.

Well, simply all ecological projects on the chain will be alive and presented visually.

They will exist in the form of shops, buildings, parks or whatever you can imagine on that planet.

Every on-chain address will correspond to the users planet , and every planet will be unique. We can see the activity of each planet in a ranking, which will correspond to its visitors, interactions. This will then accrue or add value for the planet! Each user and build their planet as they like !

For example, you will find the top ranked planets, then the top planets will have 10,000 visitor weekly. That’s awesome, I want to buy some land on that planet, maybe put some advertisement there. This is the value of that planet.

If you planet is really well designed , then more people will be attracted to your planet, because of your effort you put into it.

Maybe Denton you like games, so you may have a very cool gaming themed planet. You are always interacting with the game-fi projects and you get those items and display it on your planet. You’ll manage your planet, and it will attract people who are also interested in games.

Denton : Oh yes, you got that right ! like games [a lot] but you can do a lot more! A gaming planet would be pretty cool. Imagine if you could play to earn, and games like Axie Infinity is making a big influence in the industry.

But how will the visual chain impact the future development of DeFi?

Cole : Traditional DeFi Models are project-centered. The merits of the project and market sentiment determine the value of the project, but the interactive value of users has not been shown.

Therefore, you may understand the process of learning, interacting, and participation of a project to be a kind of “Proof of work”. In this case we will try to give value back to it’s users.

Back to your planet Denton. You can put your DEX on one spot, your game NFTs in another spot it’s really convenient interface to use. I enter the your planet, and its well organised, I can just click on your buildings and start interacting with the protocols myself. As more and more people use your planet, value will accrue like a bit like land value !

The value of your planet will be higher, because of your effort to organise it !

Denton : I really can’t wait to organise my planet ! But it seems like it won’t be easy to achieve, what kind of specific differentiated services can the HSC platform provide to realise this vision ?

Cole : I’ll go through them here :

1. Ecosystem Visualization:

The visual chain will provide a dynamic ecological landscape with a life cycle, so that all participants can understand the rise and fall, boom and bust of each project. You will be able to visualise the on chain data and you can navigate around the different planets, and just like walking on a city street, you will find which restaurant has a really long queue or which has been closed for upgrade, or which milk tea shop has been closed down replaced by a crypto OTC counter !

2. Visual Bills: In addition to writing a record on blockchain, each interaction of an address on HSC will also generate a building block of the interactive project. That means Interaction to make eco-landscape grow, and eco-landscape to flourish each planet. At the same time, everyone can check their own Gas Fee consumption and monthly or annual interactive reports on HSC.

Denton : Yes I certainly can do with checking our how much gas I wasted on Ethereum mainnet , probably too much.

Cole : 3. Personalized management: Each planet (address) can plan or build their own planet landscape and determine rules themselves. Users can participate in ecological interaction through other planets and the exposure of each planet will be displayed to public.

4. At the same time, HSC will provide the best support environment for all projects giving them soil and sunshine to grow. Such as the Cosmic Origin Project Grant plan, all-round market support and technical support.

Denton : OK so when can I build my planet !? Sorry what I mean is…. what are the immediate goals of HSC?

Don’t worry we will let you build your planet when we test it !

In line with our motivation to make DeFi more accessible , we will continue to pursue the key to DeFi world so to speak, and open the door of Defi to more and more users.

The short-term goal is to focus on User Friendness, to realize the first phase of creating a visual blockchain and to start incorporating a DAO structure to HSC.

Denton : You know I am into DAOs.

Cole : In the long run, as a metaverse framework, HSC wants to change the heavy reliance of value aggregation on DeFi Projects. We believe the blockchain technology is so much more. By incorporating core ideas from De-Life , Web 3.0, I believe each planet on HSC can accrue value from all kinds of interactions, and grow our ecosystem into an entire Metaverse.

Denton : Now that there are many leading public chains such as SOL, AVAX, BSC, etc. in the market, what is the core competitiveness of our HSC?

Cole : This is a very good question about the overall position of HSC.

This is something we have been thinking about a lot. Right now, a lot of the impression of each public chain is still focused on the projects on chain, gas price and its logo. HSC also focus on its users and HSC will become front and center visible to the world.

This vibrant ecosystem will make up our landscape, finally HSC will become an accessible metaverse in the future.

I believe this will be the trend of future development.

Denton : Annnd That is a wrap.

We hope everybody enjoyed their time with us here tonight, thank you all for joining.

If you have any questions just get in touch on any of our social media channels.

We will be hosting more AMA with various guests in the coming months. So please stay tuned to our TwitterTelegram and Discord !

Oh and don’t forget to checkout our new Website !

Thats it, Thank you Cole for sharing your vision with us, and thank you everybody for joining us, good evening / day wherever you are !

Thank you !

-END –

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  • Welche Unterkunft war sehr sauber und durchwegs, die Lage darüber hinaus die Zimmer waren toll.