Dated Europe (Vinca) words and you may society during the early levels of Serbian and Irish society

Dated Europe (Vinca) words and you may society during the early levels of Serbian and Irish society

Dated Western european (Vinca) code and people in early levels out of Serbian and you can Irish vocabulary and you can community Many years ago I seen strange similarities ranging from Irish and you can Serbian myths, vocabulary, toponymes and hydronymes. This was a puzzle since the according to records, these two peoples never ever stayed in an equivalent part of European countries at the same time, and therefore ought not to had been capable influence one another. Yet how many similar or the same cultural, religious and linguistic attributes kept expanding. In addition to, someone within Balkans and you will Ireland don’t share these types of social qualities. Which created there was no cultural diffusion. The finish is these particular two people (Serbian and you will Irish) should have existed to one another someplace at some stage in record during the order to combine their languages and you may countries a whole lot.

While seeking know possible fulfilling area, I first checked Viking invasions on southern area Baltic. While there are numerous things pointing in order to a hefty West Slavic presence one of many Danish Vikings whom settled for the England and you may Ireland, all this took place too-late to help you define countless dated Irish terms and conditions and you will labels that have been identical to new Serbian of those. Besides was indeed these types of terms a comparable, it came in clusters and will often have a root in the only one from dialects that have complex terms getting found in both. In addition could not give an explanation for early gothic Irish individual brands which had meaning in the Serbian. Additionally, it could not determine most of the grammatical constructs which were the same into the Irish and also in Serbian. Vikings just did not have you to big a social dictate to make the fresh Irish to just accept Slavic sentence structure.

You will find a good resemblance anywhere between Lusatian people in the south Baltic and Iron Age countries during the Ireland and The united kingdomt, plus it seems that the latest Metal Age is actually brought to Ireland towards spears and swords of the people of southern Baltic

I then tested brand new Ango – Saxon several months and found there are a critical Western Slavic (Wendish) visibility on Angles alliance. They paid into the higher regions of The united kingdomt, and there are possible you to some unrecorded Bases agreements did can be found in Ireland in early medieval big date that have high Western Slavic people. However, once again this could maybe not explain all grammatical constructs and therefore were identical within the Irish along with Serbian. In the event that there had been Basics agreements in the Ireland in the early gothic big date, they again simply didn’t have that larger a social determine so you can push new Irish to just accept Slavic sentence structure. Also you will find a problem of even prior to archaeological finds, connected to the metal age, which had Serbian and Slavic characteristics. There are so many old customs, tales, sacred internet sites which in fact had its counterparts from inside the Slavic nations and particularly Balkan Southern Slavic places.

Thus i looked at Rome, and you will Roman invasions off Great britain and you will went is this possibly the source of common cultural characteristics amongst the Irish as well as the Serbs. But Romans never ever inserted Ireland and there is no known list off Irish mercenaries in the Roman military, so as that got rid of a possible relationship once again. And so i looked at Iron Ages several months and found a lot of things and that directed to a significant social influx regarding southern Baltic. It was an excellent starting point. Brand new warrior elite in the Baltic might have introduced together the opinions, the vocabulary and their traditions, and you will forced all of them towards the anybody they came across from inside the Ireland.

However, that would perhaps not give an explanation for huge number out-of toponymes and hydronimes regarding Balkans with no meaning in Slavic dialects but have meaning in the Irish

And these toponymes and you can hydronimes have groups and are usually securely connected with the spot of Balkan tumulus society internet. Including this would perhaps not explain the exposure of all of the conditions, and you can grammatical constructs and that merely can be found inside Irish as well as in particular languages regarding southern area Slavic dialects and especially in a number of old languages out-of Serbian. And also this wouldn’t determine all of the feet conditions inside the Southern area Slavic dialects which is divided and you can informed me having fun with Irish. For it to get you are able to, Irish speaking people had to be within brand new Balkans from inside the high number having for years and years when you look at the Metal Ages and even in the Tan Ages.

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