StoneDAO and CertiK reach a strategic security cooperation to jointly build a trusted blockchain ecosystem

Jun 9, 2022 News

Official news, on June 9, 2022, StoneDAO announced a strategic cooperation with CertiK, a well-known formal verification company in the United States, and will jointly promote the construction of ecological security in the future.

Both parties will timely detect the security vulnerabilities of open source code through in-depth specification technology, proving that the blockchain ecosystem and smart contracts have anti-hacking capabilities and are safe and free of loopholes.


CertiK is the world’s leading provider of blockchain security solutions. It was founded by top formal verification experts from Yale University and Columbia University. Its team has completed the world’s first anti-hacking operating system kernel and successfully applied the core technology to In the field of blockchain security, it is one of the earliest companies involved in the field of blockchain security.

StoneDAO is an ecological aggregation of products such as NFT exchange Metasea, games, social networking and Web3.0. The trend of making wealth is dazzling. It will reshape the strongest pattern of digital finance and aims to be the world’s largest multi-chain decentralized NFT trading platform. StoneDAO, the symbol of this cooperation, has gone a step further in ecological security construction.

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