The 2nd Bay Area Metaverse Conference, sponsored by Kepler Vault, was successfully held

Jun 15, 2022 News

The “2nd Bay Area Metaverse Conference” sponsored by Kepler Vault was held successfully in Shenzhen on the 10th of June, 2022.

During this conference, Kepler Vault’s representative and notable attendees from political, corporate and business sectors, including but not limited to Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, Shenzhen Internet Industry Federation and Futian District Federation of Industry and Commerce discussed the future pathways and value of the Metaverse digital era.

Notable attendees


Edison Peng, the representative of Kepler Vault Labs Chinese community and Vincent, the representative consultant of Kepler Vault Labs China attended the roundtable forum and conference as guest spokesperson and expounded upon the world of free finance built by Kepler Vault to the various attendees.


In the themed “The Direction of Metaverse’s Industry Development” roundtable forum, Edison Peng not only analyzed and talked about the implications of Metaverse and its relationship with reality in future as virtual and reality overlap but also the impact that the financialization of the Metaverse industry will have on the finance industry as a whole.

Edison clarified that in “reality”, the Metaverse is inextricably linked and associated with entities, markets and industries that are rooted in the real world while the “virtual” is not illusory and non-tangible and simply refers to the digitalization and virtualization of these industries in the virtual-reality space.

Therefore, Edison concluded that the Metaverse is beyond reality but rooted in reality and will continue to evolve in a symbiosis of the “reality” and “virtual” in a complementary manner. Finance, however, will be redefined in the Metaverse, it will be decentralized, free and open; of which Kepler Vault’s income aggregator would the ideal example of this new system.


Following the conclusion of the roundtable forum, Vincent, the representative consultant of Kepler Vault China took to the conference stage and introduced Kepler Vault’s technology and ecology to the attendees. Vincent also broke down and talked about the pain points that decentralized financial investment and management face and the diverse possibilities of finance in future.

Vincent went on to say that although the Metaverse might be distant, the financial system that will underpin the Metaverse has basically already been established by blockchain, decentralization, Web3 and other related fields that enables everyone to create and partake in an open and free financial system.

As a high-net-worth investment management tool, Kepler Vault Income Aggregator can support users to easily enter the decentralized financial investment management market and achieve high asset returns conveniently and efficiently.

As a top technology lab that emphasizes on the training of talent and integration of investment management strategy with fintech innovation, Kepler Vault Financial Liberalization Lab is well poised to make the red tape that plagued the traditional finance system a thing of the past, thus allowing the Metaverse to realize a futuristic economy that combines “reality” and “virtual” with Kepler Vault’s financial innovations.


After the main session of the conference, Edison, representative of the Chinese community of Kepler Vault Labs, was interviewed by China Economic Network, Xinhua, Global Network and other media. During the interview, Kepler Vault’s Income Aggregator, Kepler Vault Financial Liberalization lab and Kepler Vault itself were the primary topics.


Below is an excerpt of the media interview. What is Kepler Vault? What are the main areas of development?

Edison Peng: Kepler Vault was founded in the United States as Kepler Digital Technology. We are a top-notch technology company with the mission of financial technology innovation that aims to achieve the free flow of funds in all fields, the full transparency of financial information and financial liberalization, so as to improve the efficiency of the world’s financial markets in order to create a new financial market with high yield.

Moreover, Kepler Vault will use DAO autonomy management to allow all participants of Kepler Vault ecology to cooperate fairly and openly by consensus, and realize the decentralized technology revolution of “code is law”.

In addition, we have already obtained the US MSB license, that allows us to legally conduct international trading, foreign exchange or other types of currency trading/transfer activities. What are the applications or ecology of Kepler Vault so far and what is the utility of Kepler Vault Income Aggregator specifically?

Edison Peng: We developed the unique Kepler Vault Income Aggregator to break the investment threshold of the traditional financial sector by using Kepler Vault’s self-developed technologies such as AI intelligent algorithms, cross-chain technology and smart contracts, so that the world’s financial assets can be circulated quickly, efficiently and with high returns.

Simply put, Kepler Vault Income Aggregator is an intelligent financial investment management tool. Users put their assets into the income aggregator, and the AI algorithm of the aggregator will automatically evaluate, filter and rank DeFi protocols, and then the smart contract will invest these assets into the highest yielding DeFi protocols to produce income. There is no need to worry about outdated information or ranking updates, as the Kepler Vault revenue aggregator’s smart contracts monitors the revenue ranking of the various protocols and implement changes to the investment strategy to ensure the highest returns. This is the unique financial investment management tool that Kepler Vault is currently developing.

Xinhua News: Besides the unique income aggregator, what other breakthroughs will Kepler Vault make in the future?

Edison Peng: Kepler Vault has always been committed to “technology innovation”, so in addition to developing various asset management tools in the financial sector, we have also established a pioneering talent training system – the Kepler Vault Financial Liberalization Lab.

This lab is designed to lead the financial revolution through technological innovation, and combines the export of financial talent with the implementation of the investment management strategy of the Kepler Vault Income Aggregator.

Kepler Vault Free Finance Lab has under its employ 68 global top fintech engineers and is equipped with a comprehensive talent training and assessment system. We will continue to identify and cultivate financial talents, and export the latest industry theories and technology applications for the financial sector with fintech talents that are equipped with technology innovation skills as the basis.

The functions of Kepler Vault Free Finance Lab are much more than that. In a nutshell, the lab has technological strengths in the four major technological areas of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and can create technological innovations in various business ecologies such as payment and clearing, wealth management, trade settlement, retail banking, investment management and financing, and insurance.

After the media interview, Edison Peng and Vincent had a lively discussion and sharing of ideas with Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud and other pioneers in various fields at the venue. In the future, Kepler Vault will focus on its strengths and continue to make innovative breakthroughs in the financial field, opening a chapter of “change” for the financial future of the metaverse.

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