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Nov 26, 2020 Sober living

You will work closely with our addiction treatment experts to identify which medication is most appropriate for your treatment needs. Initially, the program will include frequent meetings with your provider. what is drug addiction My peers who came from all walks of life became friends that I truly care about. I’ve been to a couple other recovery centers and Bella Monte definitely exceeds those as far as recovery and comfort.

Considering most facilities do not provide much in the way of gym equipment, they are not likely to provide any personal training or customized nutrition plans. Through our Life Skills program, we assign each patient a Life Skills guide to assist in improving eating and sleeping habits and in creating a daily routine and schedule that helps to live a balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyle. This leads to greater success in personal and professional areas and decreased relapse rates. Our Life Skills program is implemented through weekly sessions with a therapist and daily check-ins with a Life Skills Guide. This leads to patients being able to “plan their work” and “work their plan”.

How To Find an Emergency 24-hour Same-Day Drug Detox?

This facility not only changed my life but saved my life as well. WhiteSands premium program incorporates trauma therapy to those patients that benefit from it, beginning in inpatient care and continuing in outpatient care for as long as a patient is willing to participate. Trauma, as it pertains to drug and alcohol addiction, must be addressed in those patients suffering in order to give them the best chance at sustaining long-term sobriety. Otherwise, we are detoxing patients without addressing the underlying issues that have led patients to self-medicate. Your life skills guide will be working with you to prepare for your aftercare while you are onsite with us.

If an individual is going to stay days and be in a good frame of mind, having enough space to roam is a very important element so that patients don’t feel cramped or crowded. At WhiteSands we have enough room to provide a full volleyball court, a large basketball court, and a resort-style pool for the enjoyment of our guests. Most facilities lack any real outdoor space, resulting in a cramped, congested feeling for the entirety of your stay. All our patients who have tried the boxing program have experienced significant therapeutic benefits. This is truly a program that we believe works for everyone. For those of you who think this isn’t for you, we have a long list of clients who felt this same way until they tried it.

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He began his career as a biology teacher at his hometown high school and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the basketball and football teams. After practice, he would open up his gym where he trained many amateur boxers and world champions alongside his father. This place helped in one of the darkest moments of my family’s history. They cared and were always so easy to talk to through the entire admission process. If you wish the inimitable Rehab Center all-around, you ought to employ WhiteSands of Fort Pierce. WhiteSands is one of the best rehab center in Fort Pierce.

Where can someone be treated for drug abuse in New Hampshire?

  • Call the toll free number: 1 (800) 804-0909.
  • For a listing of state-funded alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment programs and other resources related to alcohol and other drugs, you may also access the New Hampshire Resource Guide for Prevention and Treatment Services.

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